STREAM SCHEDULE – From 12th July Onward

Hello Mid Life Crisis fans! There’s one or two of you out there, still, right? Well, we are back with a brand new, although admittedly relaxed schedule!

EVERY MONDAY – Valorant – Competitive Climb

Watch as Jamie attempts to climb the ranks in Valorant, the fps shooter oft described as “a mix of CS:GO and Overwatch” while not really being a lot like either of them. It’s a lot of fun to play and so Jamie is going to strip away that fun by going full sweat in ranked play, with a little help from some of the guys. Should be…interesting is one word.

EVERY WEDNESDAY – #Raise4Rosie Lego streams

We’re continuing our fundraising efforts for wee Rosie (if you’ve not already, read here for more info) and working our way through the Lego games. All of them. Brick by brick, folks.


We’re going to be a lot more impromptu streaming, working it around our various projects and that pesky thing called life. Coming up, we’ve got a return to Phasmophobia, some World of Warcraft completionism from Al and Jamie is finally going to try Final Fantasy. Honest, mister.

Basically, watch this space and we’ll do our best to entertain.

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