A photoshopped image of a statue of Jesus, being carried by balloons

The Mid-Game Crisis Cast! Episode Three – Helium Jesus

Three episodes! If we make it to four, we get a free pen.

In this episode, we discuss the imminent plant uprising before moving on to our usual mix of local news, entertainment nonsense and general drivel.

  • Want to win a helium Jesus?
  • Al tells us all about the birds and the bees and why Adam F is going to die alone.
  • Ass gas!
  • Al won’t stop going on about The Boys.

Give it a bloody good listening to.


5:55 – This is the image Al mentions and as requested, it’s now an album cover.

Photoshopped image of people pointing to a tree, made up to look like an album cover for "Drabber", a play on Abba.
Why is she facing the wrong way? That’s bugged me since recording!

31:30  – Loads of room. Don’t know what he’s moaning about.

A view of a pavement and a large bush
A stock image of paper lists, with the number 103 scrawled across it repeatedly

The Mid-Game Crisis Cast! Episode Two: What IS The 103 List?!

It’s the Pod Game Castis Cris Mid! Or words to that effect!

In this episode, we debut our brand spankin’ new theme tune, before moving on to discuss bizarre local news stories, including the mysterious 103 list. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!?

Also in episode two:

  •  We Marvel at all things Marvel!
  • Jamie writes a love letter to Kevin Smith!
  • An idiot burns their leg!

Stick it in yer ears, like.