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Back once again, with the ill behaviour…

We’re back! Yes, Jamie and Alan have rebranded, relaunched, reanimated, whatever you want to call it.

Formerly Sticktwiddlers, we’re now in our mid thirties and are usually too tired to twiddle anything, so we play games instead. We miss constantly bothering the eyes and ears of the masses with our musings, so we’ve dusted off the microphones, limbered up our typing digits and we’re back, baby.

What’s coming up? Lots! Loads, even.
Being award-nominated podcasters (even it that was about seventy years ago, when podcasts were in black and white) we’re thrilled to announce the new weekly Mid Game Crisis Cast, which will be live every Tuesday night around 7pm. Plus we’ll be streaming on Twitch, knocking up some Youtube content and we may even resurrect the long lost art of writing things. Archaic, no?

Two bitter old men, rambling into a microphone and suchlike. Good stuff.