Meet the Team

Alan “Big Money” Teader

A photograph of Alan Teader, one half of Mid Game Crisis. He is wearing a Gundam Helmet and a tie as a headband
Face of professionalism?

Alan thinks Too Human is the best game ever made and therefore is to be ignored. He is often teased for having more money than sense, but this is less a reference to his immense wealth and more a comment on that Too Human thing again.

TWITTER: @GrumpyCarrot

Jamie “One Leg” McLellan

A photograph of Jamie McLellan, one half of Mid Game Crisis. He is smiling, very red in the face and is holding a glass which clearly contains beer.
Face of prufeshinalizm!

Look at that face. Now look away. That’s better, isn’t it? Jamie exists on a diet of caffeine, painkillers and pure rage and is constantly surprised that he isn’t dead.