A title image reading "Family Friendly Fundraiser in aid of Raise For Rosie"

Raise4Rosie – A Family Friendly Fundraiser

UPDATE: We’ve made a few changes to the article below to reflect the change of date due to conning scum, a couple updates to giveaways, etc.

A couple of weeks ago, Alan told me about Rosie, a very brave wee girl who is going through a hell of a tough time.

He wanted to do something to help and as we’re both utterly devoid of life skills, we decided to do the only thing we know. We’re going to stream for a very long time and we hope that you’ll be entertained and inspired to help.

On Saturday the 3rd of July, starting at 12 noon, we will be going live with A Family Friendly Fundraiser marathon stream, in which we’ll play our way through a whole pile of the Lego titles from TT Games (some of our absolute favourites!) while trying very hard not to swear.

We’ll be giving away a number of keys for Lego games thanks to our friends at CD Keys! We have three copies of Lego Marvel Avengers and five copies of Lego City Undercover to give out during the stream! ALSO…you can win a bundle of three amazing Lego games by retweeting the tweet below:

All codes are for PC and winners will be selected at random. If you’re not lucky enough to bag one, you can click our affiliate link below to check out a list of all the Lego games available on their site.

We also, thanks to ever wonderful Dan at Bleading Marvelous (dear lord please check out their store, they have some of the finest geekery on the planet and Dan is an amazing artist to boot!) have a £20 voucher which we’ll be giving away during the stream. So many goodies!

Our aim for the stream is to go for at least 24 hours, but so long as the donations roll in and people are having good times, who knows? We’ve done longer! This is going to be a relaxed and fun stream throughout though so we’re not doing this one under official world record rules, we’ll take the odd break where needed but rest assured, you’ll get to watch us slowly go insane with exhaustion as per.

Join us, tell your friends and please do all you can to help Rosie through a very difficult time.

DONATIONS: The Raise4Rosie GoFundMe Page


TWITCH: AMidGameCrisis

CD KEYS: Affiliate Link (Lego games)



World Of Warcraft Marathon for British Lung Foundation

World Of Warcraft Marathon for British Lung Foundation

We’re doing it again.

Back in May, we broke the world record for longest WoW stream. We did. Unfortunately we had a few issues with the VOD so we might never get the recognition we so richly deserve but that’s fine. We’re not bitter.

angry man slamming fist on desk

It’s all good, though. We did it all for charity and we raised a nice chunk of change for Macmillan, so we’re happy. That being said, with Shadowlands dropping in a handful of days and with so much craziness going on in the world right now, we decided we’d once again dose up on enough caffeine to make a mannequin do the macarena and see if we could raise money for another incredibly worthy cause.

The British Lung Foundation have been researching lung conditions for over 30 years and aim to improve care for sufferers of such conditions while also researching cures and treatments for lung disease. The Covid-19 situation has seriously impacted their ability to fundraise throughout 2020 and yet their work has never been more important. This is a cause very close to our hearts and so we’ve decided to do our bit and hope you’ll support us.

So join us from 18:00 GMT on Friday 20th as we begin a truly stupid undertaking. We’re going to attempt to level twelve Alliance characters, one of each class, from starting zone to max level, back to back.

We’ll be live streaming the entire debacle, following world record rules. That means we’ll accrue a 5 minute break for every hour of streaming and those breaks can be built up in order to take a longer break further into the stream. There will be a timer on screen permanently, too. Just in case…

If you’re able to donate, please go to our JustGiving page and give what you can. Every donation is hugely appreciated. Even if you can’t donate, you can support us by tweeting, sharing on Facebook, posting on Instagram, phoning your old nan, painting a sign by the side of the road or sending a flock of carrier pigeons to all corners of the globe. Spread the word!