A title image reading "Family Friendly Fundraiser in aid of Raise For Rosie"

Raise4Rosie – A Family Friendly Fundraiser

UPDATE: We’ve made a few changes to the article below to reflect the change of date due to conning scum, a couple updates to giveaways, etc.

A couple of weeks ago, Alan told me about Rosie, a very brave wee girl who is going through a hell of a tough time.

He wanted to do something to help and as we’re both utterly devoid of life skills, we decided to do the only thing we know. We’re going to stream for a very long time and we hope that you’ll be entertained and inspired to help.

On Saturday the 3rd of July, starting at 12 noon, we will be going live with A Family Friendly Fundraiser marathon stream, in which we’ll play our way through a whole pile of the Lego titles from TT Games (some of our absolute favourites!) while trying very hard not to swear.

We’ll be giving away a number of keys for Lego games thanks to our friends at CD Keys! We have three copies of Lego Marvel Avengers and five copies of Lego City Undercover to give out during the stream! ALSO…you can win a bundle of three amazing Lego games by retweeting the tweet below:

All codes are for PC and winners will be selected at random. If you’re not lucky enough to bag one, you can click our affiliate link below to check out a list of all the Lego games available on their site.

We also, thanks to ever wonderful Dan at Bleading Marvelous (dear lord please check out their store, they have some of the finest geekery on the planet and Dan is an amazing artist to boot!) have a £20 voucher which we’ll be giving away during the stream. So many goodies!

Our aim for the stream is to go for at least 24 hours, but so long as the donations roll in and people are having good times, who knows? We’ve done longer! This is going to be a relaxed and fun stream throughout though so we’re not doing this one under official world record rules, we’ll take the odd break where needed but rest assured, you’ll get to watch us slowly go insane with exhaustion as per.

Join us, tell your friends and please do all you can to help Rosie through a very difficult time.

DONATIONS: The Raise4Rosie GoFundMe Page


TWITCH: AMidGameCrisis

CD KEYS: Affiliate Link (Lego games)



The Ultimate Marathon Stream – Macmillan Game Heroes

The Ultimate Marathon Stream – Macmillan Game Heroes

This is getting rapidly out of hand…

On Saturday the 9th of May, at 10:00am, we will be streaming a marathon gaming session in support of Macmillan Cancer Support. Originally, the plan was to stream for 26 hours, one hour for every mile of a marathon. I like stuff like that.

Well, Alan dared me to go further and said he’d jump in, a couple of the guys said they were up for a spot of streaming and what with one thing or another we’re now streaming for the whole of May. What? OK, here’s the deal. We’re going to begin with our 26 hour intro marathon and then we’re going to try and keep the stream going for as long as possible, with the ultimate goal being to go non-stop for as much of May as we can.

We’re not idiots, we know that constantly streaming without sleep would probably prove slightly detrimental to our health. The idea is that we’ll be swapping in and out in shifts and will be hosting streams that our gaming buddies are running. So there’ll be a constant stream, but we’ll still be able to sleep, eat and do all the other things you have to do to continue to function. Simple enough?

This is an evolving process but expect surprises, laughs, giveaways and a whole lot of money for really good causes. Speaking of which, there’s something else we’d like to run past you all.

This charity effort was spurred by a dear friend of ours, who is currently going through a very tough time. We’re obviously raising money for Macmillan and that’s the main focus of the streams but within our wee group, we decided to create a Paypal pot to help him out with any financial issues that might occur, plus buy him a couple of treats to keep his spirits up while he drags cancer out of the metaphorical pub and kicks seven shades of crap out of it. You got this, Pabs.

If any of you would like to support this, you can hit our Paypal.me. No worries if you’d rather not, this is one hundred percent a side pot started by us as a personal fundraising effort. Any monies in that account which don’t wind up being used to help out our amigo will be donated to Macmillan. So that’s all a good time, right?

One last thing. If you’d like to help us out but are short on funds, there are a few things you can do. Retweets, likes and shares are a huge help, but also if you happen to have an Amazon Prime account you could consider throwing us your free Twitch Prime subscription for this month. This will help because every single subscription to twitch.tv/amidgamecrisis throughout May will be donated to the Macmillan Game Heroes page. Every. Single. One.

So, what can you expect return for your love, support and cold hard cash? Well, here’s the schedule of definite content thus far:

Saturday 9th May at 10:00am to Sunday 10th May at 12:00pm – The 26 Hour “MARATHON” Stream

Minecraft, Mount Your Friends, lord only knows what else but it’s all MidGameCrisis, all the time.

TWITCH: AMidGameCrisis

DONATE: Macmillan Game Heroes

Tuesday May 12th – 24 Hours In The Apocalypse

Our buddy Makka will be fighting for his life in State Of Decay 2 for 24 hours of zombie mayhem.

TWITCH: RealCastCuraga

DONATE: Macmillan Game Heroes

We’ve got a lot more in the pipeline so we’ll be updating this as we go. Tune in, tell your friends, toss a coin to your…us. Yeah.