We figured it was high time we laid out what we’re doing and when, so here’s our proposed stream schedule for the forseeable future. There’ll be random streams in between and we may well need a night off now and then to deal with “real life” but 90% of the time, this is what we’ll be up to.

A comic image of Jamie in a deerstalker and pipe

MACABRE MONDAYS – Every Monday at 8pm

Jamie makes an absolute arse of criminal investigation as he steps into shoes of some of the greatest fictional detectives of all time. Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Nancy Drew, if they’re in a poorly made game with a ludicrous plot, you can bet we’re going to stream it.

You can catch up on previous Macabre Mondays by checking out our Macabre Mondays Stream Highlights playlist.

A cartoon image of Jamie and Alan playing video games

TWOSDAY! On a Wednesday. – Every Wednesday at 8pm

Alan and Jamie continue their endless search for the co-op game that will finally make them decide that this friendship has just about run it’s course. This series used to be on a Tuesday and that pun name was glorious.

Each stream will be uploaded to Youtube, in it’s entirety, shortly after it ends. You’ll find them all in the Twosday (On A Wednesday) playlist.

WE AINT AFRAID OF NO GHOST! – Every Thursday at 8pm

Thursday is Mythic raid night for Alan and the guildies, so while he’s safely tucked away in a pile of spreadsheets and discarded coffee cups, it’s time for spook hunting shenanigans! Join Jamie and friends for Phasmophobia every Thursday night.


Our flagship chat show will be going live on Saturday nights so join Alan and Jamie for some relaxed nattering. Our two crabby old geezers chat about whatever springs to mind while playing whatever tickles their fancy. Political discourse one moment, health benefits of masturbation the next and at some point, they’ll probably even talk about video games. This is basically the live version of our podcast. Oh, did we not mention that?


YES! We’re finally going back to our old flame, audio entertainment. We’re recording our first episode very soon and will have a release day for within the next week. Watch this space! Or listen to it, at least.

As well as all that good shit, you can expect word on new Youtube series, one off streams and written content in the next few weeks.

A picture of potatoes, one of which has been edited to include small vampire teeth

The Mid-Game Crisis Cast! – Episode One: Attack Of The Vampire Potatoes

It’s the first episode of the brand new Mid-Game Crisis podcast! Summoning all our creative abilities, we have imaginatively titled it… The Mid Game Crisis Cast! Dazzling! This is the pilot episode, of course. We’re working on the intro music and ironing out the kinks, but we had such a good time recording it we couldn’t wait for you to hear it.

In this episode, we mourn the passing of an unsung hero, discuss physical surprise mechanics, unravel the mystery of Gnomey McGnome and ponder that most elusive of beasts, the vampire potato.

DISCLAIMER: When we last recorded a podcast, Jamie’s microphone was a tin can with a frayed string attached. He’s got a brilliant microphone now, which is why there’s a couple of audio blips because it’s TOO good and he hasn’t figured out how the hell to work it yet.

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: Discord shit the bed in the last minute or two of recording. Enjoy our WhatsApp weird audio goodbye.

Episode Two will be way better. Unless it isn’t, because of surprise mechanics.